We at Expoworks have experience in the following projects:

Business Studies

Communication Strategy

Business Events and Capacity Building

Business Studies

❖ Development of environmental impact health study for the effect of the Israeli chemical industrial park "Gishouri" nearby Tulkarm city. The aim of this work was to highlight and provide an indication of the negative environmental effects of Gishori Industrial Complex on Tulkarm city. This work represents a comprehensive report on the impact of Gishori Industrial Complex on several aspects of environment, human health and economic situation of people living near Gishori Industrial Complex as well as health effects on workers in the factories of Gishori. Moreover, the effects on agriculture and plant biodiversity were also considered. This project was funded by BTC and in favor of the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority EQA. ‎

❖ Conducting and developing of a strategic business plan and feasibility analysis for development of CaCO3 products, the study included technical analysis, for production lines, machinery, technical know-how, raw materials, and product development analyses for introducing CaCO3 products for the local market including market analysis and financial analysis, initial investment, 7 years forecasted sales and P&L, breakeven analysis, payback and discounted cash flow analysis. This project was funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the benefit of Al Zain Company in Jerusalem Area.

❖ Development of paper and cardboard recycling feasibility analysis for PAL-SALE Company, supported by the PA Joint Council for Solid Waste and Ministry of Local Government in Palestine, this project is funded partially by JICA, the assignment includes technical consultation for the development of the recycling lines and machinery including renewable energy source for the plant. It also includes market analysis for the produced products and in WB and Israeli market, and also conducting feasibility analysis for the project including 5 years projected financials.

❖ Development of business analysis and technical consultation of Rapid Growth Crops (RGC) system, it is an innovative system for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) to produce higher volumes of organic crops in smaller spaces while minimizing costs and required resources in an auto farming and production facility, this system is implemented and working now of barley production farming facility in Jerica as a major food for animals.

❖ Working with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for development of a strategic business plan and feasibility analysis for introducing new products for Universal for Modern Constructions UMC Company. The assignment included Market study and potential, Know-how, SWAT analysis, Competition, Marketing strategy, Capital investment, P&L and cash flow, Breakeven analysis, Payback and cash flow.

❖ Working with Bonyan Project for SANAD Company as a business consultant performing five Due-diligence assignments and business valuation in intention for Sanad Company to acquire business ownership in construction companies, we have conducted feasibility analysis, business valuation and due diligence for five plants, two ready mix concreate plants, one quarry and one asphalt plant.

❖ Conducting environmental impact analysis, a feasibility study to establish solid waste recycling plant in Alouja- Jericho area.

❖ Conducting business analysis, feasibility studies and business Plan for Procure Company to introduce its procurement software in the local and regional market.

❖ Conducting business analysis, feasibility studies and business Plan for Bassoon Company from Ramallah to expand its business operation and introduce new products in the local market.

❖ Development of full feasibility studies for creating two operations in west bank for two facilities (Factories) to actually produce construction products needed in our market, those products are a result of recycled materials from stone cutting powder produced in west bank. Those studies are funded by USAID through DAI.

❖ Implemented a project for USAID’s Compete Project for development field study for the stone cutting sludge in west bank area and market plan and investigation stone chemical and physical characteristics in different areas and development g new products ‎from this waste for stone sector to help the sector grow economically.‎

❖ Conducting market research, feasibility study, work plan and site selection for ‎introducing international courier services (DHL service) in West Bank area ‎

❖ Impact analysis studies for “Institute of Environmental and Water (IEWS)” - Birzeit ‎University ‎

❖ Needs assessment study of the Palestinian exporters of the Palestinian produced goods ‎and including organizing a two show cases outside the country for the “European ‎Economic Interest Grouping “EEIG” regional office - Palestine ‎

❖ Needs assessment studies for the Palestinian Textile and Furniture sector and preparations for two trade missions to enable Palestinian ‎American cooperation in this sector, funded by the US Commercial Services, USCS.

❖Working with the High Council for Public Procurement Policies (HCPPP) in the development of a first phase of an e-Government Procurement (e-GP) System through the development of priority functionalities and their implementation in selected high spending agencies this project was funded by World Bank under the Ministry of Finance MOF to reform of the public procurement system developing Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) of Procedures, Forms and Templates for the e-Government Procurement System under the Digital West Bank and Gaza Project. e-Government Procurement System: e-GP facilitates streamlining and automating all aspects of the government procurement process (from planning to tendering, contract monitoring and payment) Public sector procurement processes (current and future), workflows and integration in e-GP for the best practice :

❖Identification and modelling of public sector procurement processes as part of BPR including beginning and end points, interfaces, process automation, as well as organizational units and stakeholders and staff/roles involved.
  ❖Incorporation of best practice procurement procedures and permissions (configurable for public sector procurement).
  ❖Examine relevant Palestinian laws and regulations, as well as Standard Bidding Documents and National Procurement Manual issued by HCPPP and other related documents. These will be provided.
  ❖Examine the processes already undertaken through the single procurement portal (, including procurement planning, publishing of procurement and contract award notices, operation of framework agreements, etc.
  ❖Ensure that the BPR is prepared and undertaken in a participatory manner, inclusive of major public sector users, to support and strengthen the effectiveness of the re-engineered processes, to deliver tangible time and cost efficiencies.
  ❖Ensure that the BPR balances the need for process efficiency and management control with the requirement for simplicity and coherence in the user experience of e-GP stakeholders, to reduce the challenges and risks inherent in the reengineering process e.g. resistance to change.

Communication Strategy

❖Working with Care International in implementing OBADER project; particularly in designing and delivering national media campaign to raise and challenge perceptions and attitudes towards women and female youth economic participation. This consultancy assignment aims to reduce negative cultural attitudes and perceptions of communities, including women, men, female and male youth leaders, and selected entrepreneurship enabling organizations and service providers towards women’s socio-economic role and inheritance rights” one of these activities is “Design and deliver National Media Campaign” to raise and challenge perceptions and attitudes toward women and female youth economic participation, women's entrepreneurship, and women in non-traditional enterprises and roles. Other social activities to challenge social norms and perceptions that currently influence how and whether women and youth are equally able to undertake entrepreneurship by changing community perceptions toward women and female youth participation in the economic life through media campaigns and community engagement.

❖Development and implementation of tax payers awareness program (Tax Heroes Campaign) is part of the Morale Component which speaks to the objective of improving awareness of the need and willingness to pay taxes (tax morale). The project was funded by the European Union, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of the beneficiary country of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) ). The beneficiary is the Ministry of Finance, opinion research that was conducted during the awareness campaign.

❖Development of communication strategy and implementation awareness campaign and communication tools for ‎Municipal Development and Lending Fund “MDLF” image rebranding and awareness ‎phase II for funded by World Bank.‎

❖Development of brand positioning, and marketing campaigns for Fashion and Textile ‎project targeting local market, Arab Israeli Community and international market using ‎market mix tools, electronic and printed communication tools and development of e ‎trade marketing solution for international market, this project was funded by FPSC Spanish ‎Cooperation and Caritas Jerusalem.‎

❖Development of communication tools and implementation of public awareness campaign and events for Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC). To Increase ESDC’s presence and participation in key international and regional events, and organize proper participation of the ESDC in selected events.

❖Development and implementation of brand and image awareness campaign and ‎communication tools for Water Union Project funded by GIZ. ‎

Business Events and Capacity Building

❖Organizing and implementing Commercial Law Development Program CLDP workshop including interpretation services, for U.S. Department of Commerce, a two-day workshop for Competition Law Consultations at the Ministry of National Economy Ramallah, West Bank, for 2 days for 35 participants, April 4-5, 2018.

❖Organizing and implementing Intellectual Property Workshop Series including interpretation services, for U.S. Department of Commerce. Consultations on Trademarks and Calculation of Damages. Joint workshops for Judges and Prosecutors at the Office of the Attorney General and ministry of National Economy for 60 participants April 6 – 7, 2018.

❖Organizing and implementing Franchising Consultations Workshop including interpretation services for U.S. Department of Commerce, to support prospective investors in preparing their businesses for franchising. For a two day work shop April 10-11, 2018 Ministry of National Economy.

❖Organizing and implementing a B2B meetings and conference event for furniture cluster in Salfeet area funded by the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce in Palestine.

❖Organizing and implementing Commercial Law Development Program CLDP, for U.S. Department of Commerce, a two-day workshop including interpretation services for Building an Innovation Ecosystem and the Role of Universities. At Millennium Hotel in Ramallah, Program Funded by U.S. Department of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative.

❖Organizing and implementing awarding ceremony for Tax Heroes in Palestine in coordination funded by EU for the benefit of PA Ministry of Finance.

❖Implementation and supervision for “United States Patent and Trademark Workshop” including interpretation services held in Ramallah with U.S. Commercial Service, In coordination with Palestinian Ministry of National Economy For Exchange of Best Practices on Trademark Examination.

❖Organizing and implementing the municipal conference, including interpretation services that included 84 municipalities and 264 local councils in west bank area, this project was funded by the World Bank though MDLF for the benefit of Ministry of local government.

❖Supervision support and translation services for and Franchise Workshop held in by U.S. Commercial Service in cooperation with Ministry of National Economy, and Palestinian American Chamber of Commerce.

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