We are committed to exceed the expectations in our area of work.‎ 

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  •  Established in 2006, Expoworks Plus is a business consulting and events management ‎company, dedicated to provide all kinds of specialized business consultation services ‎required by private companies and institutions. As a result of its extensive and diverse ‎experience, Expoworks Plus has developed a leading-edge organizational structure that is ‎able to deliver high added-value services to successful businesses. 


  •  Expoworks Plus is a one-stop-shop of specialists, facilities, and expertise for business ‎success and is committed to exceed the expectations in our area of work.‎ 


  • Development of Strategic Plans.
  • Needs assessment studies.
  • Awareness and public relations campaigns.
  • ‎Development of media and communication tools.
  • ‎Brand Management & Corporate Image Building.‎
  • Community outreach and social responsibility campaigns.
  • Business Evaluation and Impact Analysis.
  • Market Surveys and Marketing Campaigns.
  • Conferences and Business Events.
  • Certifications and Inspections. 



  •  Expoworks Plus and its staff have extensive experience in the field of Development of ‎Strategic Plans‎, business development, Business missions and trade shows, market studies, awareness ‎campaigns and needs assessment studies a works and also developed many ‎communication strategies for private companies and for NGOs in Palestine. 
  •  Expoworks Plus has consultancy experience and high academic qualifications international and local experts in addition ‎it also has a large network of field workers covering all areas in West Bank and Gaza Strip ‎that have implemented a lot of surveys and field studies.‎ Here are some samples of similar work performed by our company and our consultant ‎partners. 


  •  MTI Consulting is an international management consultancy, with operations across Asia & the Middle East and networked across the Americas, Africa and Europe. Since 1997, MTI has delivered over 400 projects in 40 countries including Palestine, applying MTI’s ‘Analyze > Strategize > Realize’ approach. MTI Consulting has expertise across the business functions and business value chain segments. MTI consulting practice consists of a core Business Strategy expertise augmented by expertise in Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, Market Research and Technology. In each of these areas of expertise we enjoy hands-on experience across a wide spectrum of industries - allowing us to deliver to our clients not only best-in-field function-specific advisory but also valuable cross-industry insights. MTI's strategy solutions include: Strategic Planning, Business Plan Development, Feasibility Studies, International Market Entry, Mission & Vision, Re-Structuring based on Re-Strategizing (RSRS), Business Process Development, Performance Management (Balanced Score Card) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    -  Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara SpA (IMM), was set up in 1978 to become a reference point for the stone industry and Italian and foreign designers/architects.  Over the last few years it has extended its range of activities considerably and today the company is an essential reference point for all the companies and professionals active in the international stone industry The company’s role is to promote and make more competitive the stone industry and associated industries in Italy and abroad. Particular attention is given to the research in the field of innovation and sustainability. IMM works in the heart of the world stone industry. What makes our company unique on the international scene is our successful combination of analysis, promotion and specialized services in the industry.  What places us at the center of the development of the natural stone world is first and foremost our location. Situated in the Apuo-Versilian district we are in the oldest and most famous stone district in the world which is known as the place where historical technical and product innovations have originated. Secondly, we have built close working relations with an extensive network of professionals, companies and institutions throughout the world over the past thirty years. Our staff works in four different areas: Promotion  Organisation of technical seminars, conferences, lectures, exhibitions about stone industry and trade fairs in Italy and abroad Organization of stone fairs, managed by our controlled company (CarraraFiere) and workshops Carrara Marmotec (International Fair for Stone & Marble, Machinery and Services in Carrara City- ITALY ) - biennial Others exhibitions and workshops in Italy and abroad Organisation of the annual international architectural awards programme MAA Organisation and support of work missions in Italy and abroad Study and planning of specific stone promotion projects Collaboration with stone Associations, National and Regional Governments, International Organisations in Italy and abroad Statistics Statistics monitoring center Collection, classification, processing of statistics Research into market trends Stone Information centre (ISIC) Stone Standardization activity Materials data bank Quarrying and processing companies data bank Markets data bank Studies and market research projects R&D projects and networks Technical and commercial cooperation in developing countries International trade press data bank Architects/designers data bank Evaluation of dimension stones potentialities abroad Professional and management training programmes Quality testing on materials and finished products  Support in technical consultancy for application systems Stone Technology and research Participation in research projects Support in technological research Support in product innovation Testing lab for stone characterization and product innovation (under construction) Publication and library Technical publications International library (specialised books and magazines) Marble library (a permanent show-room of over 400 natural stones)

    -  A CERT European Organization for Certification S.A. (“A CERT”) is an Inspection, Certification, Evaluation and Expert Examination Organization for Management Systems, Products, Assets, Projects and Persons. In addition it is offering a wide range of Analytical Laboratory Services. A CERT certifies all kind of organizations according to the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry EEIG.
    A CERT maintains offices in Greece (Headquarters), Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Russia Federation and representations in Serbia, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Nigeria. With strategic alliances worldwide and a wide network of collaborators, A CERT is always close to its clients and their target markets. Furthermore, with rapid business expansion, A CERT inspects, evaluates and certifies State authorities, companies, organizations, institutions, products and persons in the private and public sector.
    Since its foundation, A CERT has been an esteemed, reliable and well recognizable Certification Organization, employing experienced professionals with excellent knowhow and field expertise. Following the increasing needs for production and supply of safe products in the global market, A CERT is now one of the leading organizations in Inspection, Evaluation and Certification.
    Today, A CERT is a Certification Body accredited to provide inspection and certification services covering any business needs. Beside others, A CERT offers Property, Business, Investments Projects, Investments Programs and Credit Risk evaluation services for Funding, Banks, Venture Capitals, Business Angels and Real Estate Industry. Moreover, A CERT guarantees the interests of Buyers, Sellers and Banks assuring the quality and quantity of trading commodities.
    International Collaborations: A CERT provides Inspection and Certification Services for Products, Management Systems and Persons as well as Analytical Laboratories Services. For this purpose A CERT collaborates with international Certification Bodies and Laboratories in order to offer services with significant added value. A Cert can provide certifications for Stone and Marble sector in Palestine mainly the CE marking in accordance with the EU standards that allows the finished product of the Palestinian producers to enter the European markets that is becoming a must for this sector.
    A- Cert Services for Stone and Marble sector and other Palestinian sectors: PRODUCTS:  a) Organic Farming (Reg 834/2007 [EU] in Greece [code EL-05-BIO] and Bulgaria [code BG-08-BIO], USDA / NOP for USA and JAS in Japan),  b) Global GAP / IFA, c) BRC, d) IFS, e) GMO Free, f) Gluten Free, g) Inputs of Organic Agriculture, h) GOST-R, a) Kosher, i) TESCO Nature's Choice (TNC ), j) LEAF Marque.  
    MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS:  a) ISO 9001, b) ISO 22000/HACCP, c) ISO 14001, d) OHSAS 18001/ELOT 1801, e) AGRO 2, f) AGRO 3, g) AGRO 4, h) ISO 27001, i ) ELOT 1429, j) SA 8000, k) BioShop, l) GOST-R ISO 9001.  
    PERSONS:  a) Auditors and Consultants ISO 9001, ISO 22000/HACCP, b) Inspectors, Consultants and Producers of Organic Agriculture, c) Inspectors, Consultants and Supervisors AGRO 2, AGRO 3 and AGRO 4, d) food handlers, etc. Agro-food Sector
    ACCRIDITATIONS: A- Cert is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD) as a Certification Body in the following areas: • Organic Products according to EN 45011 standard.  • Quality Management Systems in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard according to ISO /  
    IEC 17021:2006.  • Food Safety Management Systems in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 standard according to ISO / IEC 17021:2006 and ISO / TS 22003:2007.  • Integrated Management in Agricultural Production / Management of Rural Environment, in compliance with the AGRO 2.1 and AGRO 2.2 standards, according to ISO/IEC 17021:2006 A-Cert is a member of Hellas Cert, the Hellenic Association of Accredited Inspection and Certification Bodies. Moreover, it is also an active member of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, a strong network of 750 organizations from 108 countries promoting organic farming worldwide.  Finally, it is a founding member of the Organic Products Network which is controlled by the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece (SEVE).  


  •  Impact analysis of Environmental and Health Impact study of an Israeli Industrial Complex, Area near by Tulkarm city and its impact on the city’ in reference to Contract EQA PZA 282, C3. That was performed by Expo works Plus Company in favor of the Palestine Environment Quality Authority (EQA).  Development of full feasibility studies for creating two operations in west bank for two facilities ( Factories )to actually produce construction products needed in our market, those products are a results of recycled materials from stone cutting powder produced in west bank. Those studies are funded by USAID through DAI.
     Implemented a project for USAID’s Compete Project for development field study for the stone cutting sludge in west bank area and market plan and investigation stone chemical and physical characteristics in different areas and development g new products ‎from this waste for stone sector to help the sector grow economically.‎
     Development of brand positioning, and marketing campaigns for Caritas Jerusalem FTI ‎project targeting local market, Arab Israeli Community and international market using ‎market mix tools, electronic and printed communication tools and development of e ‎trade marketing solution for international market, this project was funded by Spanish ‎Cooperation, FPSC Jerusalem.‎
     Development and implementation of brand and image awareness campaign and ‎communication tools for Water Union Project funded by GIZ.  Development and implementation of awareness campaign and communication tools for ‎Municipal Development and Lending Fund “ESDC” image rebranding and awareness ‎phase II for funded by World Bank.‎
     Development and implementation of brand and image awareness campaign and ‎communication tools for Water Union Project funded by GIZ. ‎
     Conducting market research, feasibility study, work plan and site selection for ‎introducing international courier services (DHL service) in West Bank area.
     Many awareness campaigns for local commercial companies, such as Sbitany co. Maayeh ‎Manufacturing company, Arab Islamic Bank and others.‎
     Development of Physical and Strategic Plans to Nablus Municipality, Aqraba ‎Municipality, Beta Municipality, Assira Al Shamalia Municipality, Aqqaba Municipality, ‎through ESDC (SDIPs) programme supporting local government reform. ‎
     Evaluation of Municipal Infrastructure Development Program I (MIDP I), ‎ Local Consultancy Services for Monitoring, Assisting and Reporting on the ‎ Emergency Municipal Services Rehabilitation Project of Local ‎Government, funded by the World Bank.‎
     Preparation of Nablus Governorate Strategic Development Plan for the years 2011-2015.     Environmental and technical evaluation of sanitary and water services (e.g, in the ‎Palestinian refugee camps West Bank and Gaza Strip).‎
    Technical revision and evaluation of all wastewater development projects submitted by ‎local and international firms (among these projects are Ramallah Sewerage Master Plan, ‎ Hebron, and sewage works.‎
     Impact analysis studies for “Institute of Environmental and Water (IEWS)” - Birzeit ‎University .‎
     Needs assessment study of the Palestinian exporters of the Palestinian produced goods ‎and including organizing a two show cases outside the country for the “European ‎Economic Interest Grouping “EEIG” regional office - Palestine.    Needs assessment studies for the Palestinian Textile and Furniture sector and preparations for two trade missions to enable Palestinian ‎American cooperation in this sector, funded by the US Commercial Services, USCS
     Development and implementation of brand and image awareness campaign ‎and communication tools for Water Union Project funded by GIZ.‎
     Expoworks Plus is very active in the field of setting and implementing trade shows and has successfully organized ExpoHome Plus from 2006- 2012 for seven consecutive years, the biggest Furniture Exhibition in Palestine.   Expoworks Plus also organized trade missions and implemented the Palestinian Pavilion twice in Arabia Expo in Russia, in 2008, and 2010. In cooperation favor of the European Economic Interest Grouping EEIG.  Also organized and implemented the Palestinian participation in the Urban Forum and Exhibition In Napolis ITALY 2013, and Colombia 2014.   In 1012 organized and implemented a Palestinian Pavilion in the International TexWorld Trade Show In Paris France.  In 2009 we also implemented and launched the first Palestinian Industry Trade Show in Nazareth with cooperation with the European Economic Interests Grouping and the Municipality of Nazareth.    Furthermore, Expo Works Plus implemented The Arab Presence in South America show Case (AMRIK), the Imperial Events Ramallah / Tulkarem and Al Shajara Almubaraka Exhibition sponsored by USAID and Care International and organized by Economic & Social Development Center of Palestine. ExpoWorks+ has also implemented the Women Handicraft Exhibition sponsored by USAID and organized by CHF, and Cosmo Pal 2006. 

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